Stitching Sole, an indication of first-rate hand stitched shoes, carries the mission to pass down the exquisite craftsmanship of shoemaking in Taiwan. It is our hope that Taiwan will rank among the most world-famous shoemaking countries.

Hand sewing had always been the main approach in the shoemaking industry before the time of the Indus-trial Revolution. When machines began to involve in the process of shoemaking, which satisfied people’s demand quickly, the products made by machines, how-ever, also lost the “warmth” and “beauty” glowing in artisanship. In Stitching Sole, shoemakers with more than ten years of experience spends approximately 40 hours to make a pair of hand-sewn leather shoes. They begin from cutting the leather, choosing the vamp, making even stitching, sewing the vamp and the outsole, burnishing and tanning the leather sole and the heel to shaping a pair of shoes. Making a pair of hand sewn leather shoes requires many technical skills and takes a great deal of time, which is why hand sewn shoes are often regarded as works with refined and first-rate handicraft.
The core value of Stitching Sole is the combination of modern shoe design and exquisite craftsmanship. We employ “layering” and “stacking” to the design of the three different shoe lasts in our 15AW collection, creating streamlined shape through layering and aesthetical visual effect with leather stacking.

Come and try out shoes at Stitching Sole's first shop located at No. 20, Ln. 31, Sec. 1, Da'an Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Stitching Sole 由核心概念“Stitching 縫”出發,展示品牌鞋款著重於手縫製程的細膩堅持;並以鞋履的重要根基“Sole 鞋底”象徵紮實品質與設計內涵。2015年底,Stitching Sole的首度問世,將引領台灣頂級手製男鞋風潮並邁向國際市場。

十八世紀工業革命前,鞋類一向以手縫為主要製程,然而機械化的出現,即便能在短時間內滿足大眾對鞋品的需求,卻失去了原有手作的溫度與美好。為重現歷史悠久的傳統製鞋,Stitching Sole擁有數十年經驗的老師傅,以費時費工的手縫技法完成每一隻Stitching Sole皮鞋。一雙男鞋的製作,從精選皮革、手裁皮料、手縫鞋面與大底、手工磨合植鞣皮底皮跟、到最終成型,至少需花費整整40小時方能完成。繁複的古老工法以及投入的寶貴時間,使手縫皮鞋至今仍被品味人士奉為瑰寶。

Stitching Sole 以當代設計與傳統工藝作為品牌堡壘。在2015秋冬系列中,將分層(Layering)及堆疊(Stacking)的設計概念分別融入三款極具舒適性的鞋楦,打造多款呈現流線美學的Stitching Sole頂級男鞋,以獨特風格譜出專屬於您的優雅魅力。歡迎各位來Stitching Sole實體店面試穿。




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